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  • Sam Cornwall

Welcome To Two Blue Drones + Digital, A Los Angeles Drone Photography Service

I started Two Blue Drones + Digital to provide professional photographers and clients with high-quality drone photography. For too long, the technology behind drone photography and video hasn't supported the needs of photographers and their clients. Over the past decade, the world has been inundated with poor quality wide-angle drone shots. We've all seen these shots and have come to expect only one thing from drones: over-done, frequently annoying, wide-angle shots from above. Not only has this severely limited the photographic uses of drones, but it has also limited their perception.

Drone Photo of the cars passing by a heart-shaped plant on the 101 Highway in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
Drone photography at its sneakiest. No other way to get this photo of the 101 than with a drone.

Now, thanks to the newest drone technology, real cameras and real lenses can be flown in easier and cheaper ways than ever before. The newest drones, such as the Sony Airpeak S1, allow us to fly Sony Alpha cameras, including the Sony A1, ARV, and FX3. This means that the Sony Airpeak S1 is essentially a flying tripod. Everything you can do on the ground with your camera, you can do with Two Blue Drones + Digital. This includes flash photography, real lenses and filters, exposure bracketing, long exposures, 20-30 frames per second, 50 megapixels, Sony precision auto-focus, 8k, 4k/120, and even focus stacking. While we tend to recommend the 50mm and 85mm lenses, the official lens selection ranges from 16mm to 100mm. Our telephoto lenses range from 400mm on the Sony to 160mm on the DJI.

Drone Photograph of White Tesla Model Y with Profoto B2 external flashes in a parking lot in Los Angeles CA with a Sony Airpeak S1 drone
Strobe Photography with the Sony Airpeak, Sony A1 and Profoto B2

That's right, the new DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine features an 160mm lens. Actually, it features three lenses (24mm, 70mm, and 160mm) with three cameras, one to partner with each lens and can still fly for up to 40 minutes per mission. These drones change everything you know about drone photography. The drone imaging world is rapidly changing, and Two Blue Drones + Digital is here to provide creative tools to take your work to the next level.

Two Blue Drones + Digital is located in Los Angeles, California, and we highly recommend drones for your next shoot. Beyond the obvious photo and video ideas, drones allow for any angle above the tallest tripods (tripods can't go any higher than 18 feet). Backed by 15 years of on-set photo experience digital-teching and assisting for top photographers and clients, Two Blue Drones + Digital is here to take care of the complexities and stresses of drone operations and allow you to focus on your shoot.

And that is where + Digital comes into the name. TBDD also provides digital techs, photo assistants, drone assistants, and other crew. For certain jobs, we even provide hybrid tech/drone pilot or assistant/drone pilot roles to keep costs down. While based in Los Angeles, Two Blue Drones + Digital is available for travel work regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Thanks for checking out Two Blue Drones + Digital. We provide drone photography in Los Angeles and I can’t wait to take your photography to the skies.

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