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Why TBD+Digital?

A Flying Tripod

We don't provide just a drone, we provide a flying tripod. Put the camera anywhere. Our drones deliver the image quality you need for any shot, just like your camera on a tripod. We even provide strobe compatibly with our Sony Airpeak. 

Digital Capture

  • On Set Digital Techs

  • Digital Workflow Solutions

  • Digital EQ Rentals

  • Capture One Expertise

  • Digital and Lighting 

Drones For Stills

We're one of the few drone operators with commercial photography experience that caters to the needs of commercial photography clients and shooters. We get you. We can even combine drone and tech or assisting roles for the ultimate crew flexibility.

Find Crew

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Our drones support livestreaming feeds up to 1080p 60 frames per second. Perfect for sports, corporate and other live events. We even provide a bird-eyes view for security at events with zoom lenses up to 160mm. 

Certified and Insured

Two Blue Drones + Digital is FAA Part 107 Certified and insured with Global Aerospace. This includes approval for night flights and access to many areas hobbyist operators cannot fly in. 

Why Two Blue Drones + Digital?

Precision and Repetition.


Two Blue Drones + Digital will always get your shot done the right way, every time. Why? Sam Cornwall has been serving premier photographers and brands as a digital tech, lighting director, photo assistant and photographer since 2007. Now, Sam is expanding his services into Two Blue Drones + Digital to better serve his clients and the ever-evolving photo industry. Sam brings 15 years of on-set experience working with top clientele in a wide variety of locales and settings. Depending on the needs of the shoot, Sam can provide drone shots and teching or assisting services to achieve maximum crew efficiency. While Sam has been flying drones since 2014, drone cameras haven't been ready for primetime until now. Two Blue Drones + Digital flies the cutting-edge Sony Airpeak and the DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine that can, exclusively, handle the rigors and precise demands of your professional photoshoot. 

Camera settings: raw DNG, ISO 150, 1/50th, f2.8, 70mm equivalent lens, ND filters to allow for shutter drag

Here's an example of the precise camera control we can deliver with our flying tripods. The client, Full Body, and photographer wanted to highlight the motion and speed of the serve in tennis. We used the DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine for the run-and-gun aspects of the shoot. Camera settings: raw DNG, ISO 150, 1/50th, f2.8, 70mm equivalent lens, ND filters to allow for shutter drag, processed in Capture One Pro. The results look like a it was shot on a tripod. 

The Drones

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The Drones

Sony Airpeak

The Sony Airpeak is the most sophisticated and advanced photography drone on the market. We fly the Sony A1 with pro lenses from 16mm - 100mm. The Airpeak is a flying tripod for stills and even compatible with strobes. For video, it delivers the cinematic look Sony is known for. This changes everything you know about drone imaging. Other Sony cameras are available to fly, like the FX3 or A7RV. Flight times are short, but hot-swappable batteries and the Sony recharging case allow you to fly all day.


DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine

The run-and-gun champ for your photo and video needs. The DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine shoots raw stills and ProRes log video with built-in 24mm, 70mm and 160mm lenses. No need to land to swap lenses. It's small footprint allows for takeoffs and landings anywhere. While, not the same cinematic image quality as the Sony Airpeak, the Mavic 3 Pro provides image quality that meets many clients' needs. Livestreaming? With 1080p 60fps HDMI output of the controller, we can provide livestreaming for sports, corporate, security or other events.

DJI client monitor 1.JPG
DJI client monitor 2.JPG

Director's Monitor

A director's monitor is included with all of our kits for the photographer/director, client and crew to follow along. Multiple monitors can be arranged upon request.

Digital Capture Services

Digital Capture Services

Digital capture services offered include: on-set Digital Techs, digital EQ rentals, lighting direction, photo crew hiring and placement, digital workflow solutions, Capture One instruction, improving file and naming workflows, archiving, data organization, and on-set time management consulting. Two Blue Drones + Digital is backed by 15 years of on-set experience with top photographers and clients like, Amazon, Annie Leibowitz, Chase Bank, Concept Arts, Droga5, Four Seasons, GoPro, Havas, Honda,, Industrial Color, Kenneth Willardt, Mark Seliger, Milk, Nike, Pzifer, Sandro Miller, Smashbox, Visa, W+K and Yoshihiro Makino.

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