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The Photo Glossary

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Welcome to The Photo Glossary, a knowledge base for working and aspiring professionals in the photography industry. We aim to provide a wiki for navigating the myriad of complex mazes that makes up the modern photo industry, including a glossary, a directory, templates, best-practices, tips and tricks to guide you through pre-production, shoot day, post-production and billing. Suggestions, comments? Email us

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Photo industry jargon can be a bit overwhelming at times, but once you get a feel for it, it's a lot of fun. This glossary is 500+ terms, words and slang you'll hear on set. From A-Clamp to Zoom, we got you covered. Trust me, there's always a new term to learn.


The Directory is HI-Powered; human-intelligence is what you need on-set. The photo-assistant-AI-robot will never satisfy. Find the best people for your shoot. AI can't replicate your beautiful work, nor the team you need to create it.  Find your people with The Directory.

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The Knowledge Base

Coming Soon... The Photo Glossary wiki is a knowledge base of best-practices, tips and trick to guide you through the maze of professional photography. From billing, to gear, to lighting, and post-production, we got the tips.

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